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GB-Link Released new CSFP
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 CSFP means Compact SFP, It's MSA defines a bi-directional single channel transceiver with half the size of the industru standard SFP. CSFP greatly reduces the component cost and space within the transceiver housing bu utilizing compact Bi-directional optical sub-assembly(BOSA)
CSFP Benefits:
*Enable network system vendors to increase port density and data throughput,
while reducing network equipment cost.
*Apply for all single-fiber bidirectional transceivers in high density applications
*Enhance existing line of Bi-Directional modules for access networks, which are
deployed in central offices (CO) and in customer premises equipment (CPE).
*Has the same mechanical dimensions as the industry-standard SFP transceiver
and is compatible with the standard SFP cage
*Pin-out is compatible with conventional SFP transceivers and monitoring
features allow early fault location to reduce down time in system operation
*Reduce the number of fibers that have to be managed, and lets customers pack
twice as many lines into the existing rack space