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Accomplished 40G QSFP+ AOC Component Industrialization
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4X10G QSFP+ AOC is the core unit of realizing optical interconnection, which is made of banded OM3 cable connecting two high-speed 40G parallel optical module with four 850nm VCSEL transmitting channels and four PIN receiving channels and rates of 10 Gbps, is used in super computer and the condition of SDR, DDR, QDR basic on InfiniBand standards and so on.
The core technology difficulties is the manufacture of optical integrated devices which is made up of 4 channels VCSEL array and 4 channels PIN array.

 GB-Link owns all the features of optical integrated devices, like low cost, high optical coupling efficiency, easy installation and so on.
We believe it’s one of the best core-technology since GB-Link’s foundation many years, is another milestone of innovation.

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